After a three week visit to Ireland, Asia Raine returned home with a renewed dedication to live more fully what she calls her “Creative Spark”.  An artist at heart, she sees the world through a window open to natural beauty.  From an early age, Asia found joy in drawing and painting; a passion that is still deeply rooted in her.  Celtic influences inspired a desire to expand her artistic horizon and delve into the world of fibers and metals.  

A serendipitous meeting offered Asia the opportunity to establish a relationship with quality alpaca ranchers who possess integrity and love for their animals.  This marked the beginning of alpaca ownership for Asia, giving her the ability to offer quality fibers and fully explore this new medium, from source to finished product.

Symbols have always intrigued this artist, so it is no surprise she holds an affinity to the runes and symbols so prevalent in the European Countries she feels drawn to.  She carries an honest respect for minerals and stones and the energy inherent in them; creating art with that energy as a guide.  Combining all of these elements, Asia finds joy in creating pieces that reflect nature and echo the whispers of the Earth.

It has been said “The energy of change is upon us and we are once again at another series of doorways designed to open the mind to new possibilities*”.  As a Creative Spark Facilitator, Asia’s desire is to hold space for that newness to blossom.   She holds a deep desire to help others and see humanity express itself peacefully in ways that reflect growth, healing and love.  Her life’s journey has fostered an awareness of the need for opportunities that can assist individuals who have a desire to align with their inner compass, and connect with others in the process.

Asia hopes to help others discover pathways to personal knowingness, and courageously blaze new trails through creative experiences. She sees her own learning process as palate rich with times of “not-so-graceful-stumbling” mingled with “synchronistic-moments-of-enlightenment” which have fostered an appreciation for the diversities of life.