Meet the Alpacas

The Source is Important

Asia is intent on knowing where her fibers come from and how the animals are treated.  Happy animals live in a natural state of peace and joy.  The energy and intention that go into creating the products at Asia Raine, are enhanced by the positive environment the animals live in.  All of the fibers come from Asia’s own alpacas or those she has personally met.  Alpacas are social animals and love community association.  The majority of our fibers come from registered alpacas, so even their heritage is known!  Fiber quality naturally varies between animals, but rest assured our yarns and products come from alpacas who are happy, healthy, and loved!  


*Asia Raine Designs would like to thank West Mountain Alpaca Farm for sharing Joya, Willow, Huey, Dewy & Louie with us.   Other fibers supplied by Crooked Fence Alpaca Ranch, Mona, UT – Home to our breeding males; Challenger, Cuda, and Dark Knight.